Our team and our participants are from varied socioeconomic backgrounds, that span different ages, races and beliefs. Rather than point out everybody’s differences and make that a barrier, we find the common ground of positivity and participation and choose to use art as a vehicle for better cities.

It all started when...

Luke Dragon got together with a few friends, added some kids in the neighborhood and started off on an art rampage that has given Oakland's Chinatown a visual identity for all to explore.

Since the start in 2015 we've created a spectacular team that works to give kids and adults a place to be creative and be involved with community activities. We've also since expanded beyond Chinatown.

Dragon School regularly holds outdoor mural sessions and rotates a wide cast of artists and kids. We keep funded by commissioned work and investments from businesses and individuals.

Dragon School is not just about Chinatown, nor Chinese art for that matter. It's a template for caring about where you live and doing something to make it more interesting and friendlier. It's about connecting all communities in your city together using art as the thread, and inviting each other to explore and participate making your city as a whole stronger. Dragon School is Synergy.


We believe that the way to make every community, is by being involved and doing things that encourage collaboration and ownership. You can work in your own neighborhood just as well as work to make other neighborhoods a better place, because we’re all in this together.