Here are the core individuals who operate Dragon School.


Luke Dragon

Luke is the founder of Dragon School. He immigrated from China in 1989. Luke is a proud American. He has lived in Berkeley and SF Chinatown. Luke is both a teacher and a life-long student. He studies science and he was once a science teacher in Guangdong and Beijing. Nowadays, Luke teaches students to spraypaint public murals. He loves the transient and impermanent nature of street-art. Just like nature, Luke Dragon's artistic style is always changing and spontaneously evolving into something unpredictable. 



Anderson Gin

Andy is the Art Director and lead artist at Dragon School and a founding member. He organizes the participants on painting new murals and he maintains the ones already painted. When Andy is not painting with Dragon School, he is a graphic designer and artist. He is the most serene of the Dragon School team. Andy is an Oakland native. 


Fuming Guerilla

Sage (FG) is an entrepreneur and producer of contemporary urban art and is the Executive Director of Dragon School. FG supports many local initiatives that include non-profit companies and programs focused around adolescents and teens using art as a means of expression. FG has produced many notable street art pieces such as Cat Town CafeOakland Museum Women's Board. When he's not chasing art, he consults for businesses on marketing strategy and creative implementation. 



Chris (Omael) has been working with the youth of Oakland, and specifically Chinatown since he moved here 10 years ago from Los Angeles. He's spent the last decade living in Oakland's Chinatown and teaches third grade students. Although he is experienced with spraypaint, just like the students, he is focused on learning how to improve his paintings. Omael-One has recently moved but is still on the advisory committee.


Lina Savage

Lina Savage is a native to Oakland Chinatown. Her primary medium is graphite and acrylic paint, creating content which focuses on portraits of revolutionary women. She is currently studying Studio Art and Asian American Studies at Berkeley City College and aspires to create an initiative to provide art therapy mentorship for survivors of domestic violence.


Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson is an artist born and raised and currently still residing in Oakland. He is a published illustrator of children's books and is also known for his realistic portrait paintings and charcoal work. His plan for the future  is to expand his art to larger formats with Dragon School, and paint murals across the city as his contribution to Oakland's thriving art scene.

Michelle Chan

Michelle (EKKE) is originally from Los Angeles but calls the Bay Area home now. Her art captures a mixture of colorful, whimsical characters with heavy influence from both the LA graffiti art scene and Asian-American pop culture. She is passionate about community and empowering the youth through art. EKKE has experience both with non-profit volunteer work and leading youth-centric activities.

John Kelson

John is the Sponsorship Director at Dragon School, and he helps facilitate partnerships with local businesses and other organizations. John has a career as a financial adviser so is well-equipped in helping Dragon School stay fiscally responsible.